BigScreen Professional

BigScreen Professional V1.5.23

Big Screen is a software that can extend the user's screen...

Big Screen is a software that can extend the user's screen either locally or through the network. Maximum four-fold expansion of user's desktop in the standard version, at least up to 2560x2048 pixel resolution.

Big Screen can be widely used in surveillance, airports, hospitals, and financial fields. Big Screen offers a variety of convenient and effective means of navigation on the large user's desktop.

By mouse tracking, Eagle view, etc. , large desktop and users can seamlessly integrate with daily operations. User can easily switch between system and Big Screen graphics card.

Big Screen carefully for the user has done a distinctive Remote Desktop :By eagle view tool, users can freely adjust the display of the contents of the Remote Desktop, can also clone the local desktop to the Remote Desktop.

The operation is very easy! Big Screen can maximally meet the different needs of users. According to differences in daily work and entertainment, Big Screen specifically optimized for network transmission.

Remote Desktop smoother, more comfortable. Big Screen specifically for multi-core CPU and different hardware optimized. Lower resource utilization, run more smoothly.

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BigScreen Professional


BigScreen Professional V1.5.23

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